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The webspace-owner, web-master and web-author Johanna Maria Lindner owns and operates both web-presentations and as private non-commercial journalistic websites. This websites and its EU Impressum and U.S.A. Privacy Policy follow the Laws of the U.S.A. and of EUROPE and of most countries in the world.
Collected personal information may include: your name and e-mail address to respond to your inquiry when you contact us. – These websites – like most other websites – also track information for automated purposes of security along the Law in U.S.A. and along the regulations by the European Cookie Law and along the laws in many other countries for statistical analysis and for identification on matters of security as is permitted or even required by applicable law.

For any question you may call the web publisher’s cell phone number +436604993545 or you may send an e-mail to
Johanna Maria Lindner – alias as web-author and as web-publisher: jona(h) li, – e-mailaddress:,
address: Europe, Austria, A-1210 Vienna.

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